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The Green Girl
Company Limited

The Green-Girl Company Limited is a social enterprise aimed at empowering young women to become facilitators of sustainable practices that build peaceful and economically viable communities in Africa. We run three major projects to achieve our objectives each year.

Miss Nigeria is the number one national pageant in Nigeria recognised by the Federal Government. The brand possesses strong brand equity. Since inception in 1957, the brand continues to grow in history and social significance in empowering women beyond beauty. This is no typical pageant that diminishes the value of womanhood but rather one, that puts the empowerment and inclusion of women and girls in the forefront of its mission.

The Green Girl Academy is a centre for STEM knowledge acquisition that aims to promote ideologies that empower girls in Africa. The critical aim of this academy is to promote the empowerment of women by catching them young as girls.

This is a yearly conference aimed at deliberating on issues that affect girls in Africa. With yearly theme’s carefully crafted based on key happenings in Africa, the summit aims to influence social change and policies to ensure a better life and future prospect for girls in Africa.


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