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Times Multimedia

Times Multimedia (TMM) is a media, entertainment and technology business offering a full range of digital services, catering to both B2B and B2C audiences. We create content for a wide array of audiences, and give your brand access to a highly engaged pool of consumers.

Our expertise ranges from the production of African content in a world class, premium serving for global audiences, curation and distribution of content via our owned platforms, and the promotion of brands with strategic digital marketing executions and bespoke enterprise software solutions to support their strategic goals.

Within Times Multimedia, there are two primary business units which handle the bulk of our work. These units are symbiotic, with each one intrinsically tied to the other in terms of the ability to cross- pollinate ideas and skills. Yet each business unit has its own individual goals to pursue and can operate individually, bringing in expertise from other units when necessary or advantageous.

TM3 is a digital marketing and creative agency, with the core purpose of creating awareness for large corporates and FMCG brands with high impact creative campaigns, assisting with their marketing related activities, and managing their online presence across all digital platforms


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